Experience the thrill of a wild ride!

Looking for a thrill? Our water slides will take your breath away! All of the slides start at the top of our 35’ tower, and each slide provides its own style of adventure. Looking for speed? We’ve got that. Want to race your friends? Bring it on! You’ll have as much fun the 50th time as you will the first time you ride them!

Tube Slide

Launch yourself into a 340’ long thrill in our tube slide! This fully-enclosed adventure is full of twists and turns, ending up with a splash down beside our Lazy River.

  • Length: 340’
  • Min. height: 48”
  • Maximum weight: 250 lb (single tube); 500 lb (double tube)
  • Tube required

4-Lane Mat Racer

Take on your friends and family at the races! Grab a mat and get ready for a speedy trip down 250’ of sliding fun. Will you be the first to the finish line?

  • Length: 250’
  • Min. height: 48”
  • Maximum weight: 300 lb
  • mat required

Body Slide

Who needs a tube or mat? You don’t for the Body Slide, a 311’ twisting thriller that only requires you to be bold enough to step up!  Ready for this ride?

  • Length: 311’
  • Min. height: 48”
  • Maximum weight: 300 lb

Speed Slide

Lickity-split; off you go! Do you feel the need… The need for speed? Bring your A-game, Maverick, and see how quickly you get to the bottom of our Speed Slide!

  • Length: 146’
  • Min. height: 48”
  • Maximum weight: 300 lb