Rollin' on the River!

You didn’t come here to work, right? Kick back in the Lazy River and take a cruise around our 450’ long journey through the whole park. Featuring a Zero Entry (beach entry) area and two walkouts along the way, the Lazy River is easily accessible and a great way to relax.

The Lazy River features a 34’ Water Walk. The water walk features floatables anchored to the bottom of the river with a netting hanging over, challenging you with a precarious walk across the water. Can you make the cut, or will you make a splash?

Take a break from your cruise and grab a spot in the wet deck, an area with 6” of water that you can sit in (and yes, you can use a chair in there!). There’s also a wave-generating area for a little ocean front-style fun! The Lazy River surrounds an area loaded with loungers and shaded spots, which make for a great place to relax after… Well, after relaxing! Why stop at just the River?