Hours of Fun for Your Young Ones!

Welcome to the coolest, splashiest, most fun Kid Zone pool around! Your younger kids are sure to enjoy hours of fun with the vast array of play elements throughout and around our Kid Zone.

Two enclosed slides are great for the bold ones while we have two small racing slides, too. Tubes, sprayers, splashing spots, water guns… This place is pretty much a fortress of awesomeness! Stick around in the right spot, and we might just dump a bucket on you!

Our Kid Zone is a zero-entry area, as well, meaning it’s easily accessible by all. No steps or stairs to trip up those little feet as they enter the area!

Here's a glance at some of the fun elements in the Kid Zone!

  • Two 32″ enclosed body slides
  • Leaky wheels
  • Rainbow arch jet
  • Clusters of deck bubblers
  • Fabric canopy
  • Pipe fall arms
  • Overhead tippy bucket
  • Swivel shower head
  • Hose jets, arch jets and wave jets
  • Water bomb
  • Overhead tippy troughs with pull ropes
  • Bubble window
  • Cargo climbing net
  • Mushroom spray
  • Pedestal blasters
  • Water worm
  • Dual racer kiddie slide
  • Circular tippy
  • Arching deck jets
  • Aqua dome
  • Water tunnel
  • Flower spray
  • Spray hoops
  • Up jets, down jets and radial jets